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Our mission is to create a truly international Social Enterprise sector, sharing the stories of Social Enterprises from across the globe.

We believe that to help strengthen and grow the international Social Enterprise sector, more people need to learn about what a Social Enterprise is, to help support this incredible business model.

With more people learning about Social Enterprises, there will be more people creating them as social entrepreneurs, more consumers shopping for Social Enterprise goods and services and more people working for them and investing in them too. The positive impact this can have on the world starts with you. We are all responsible for the way we spend our money. Spend wisely into the Social Enterprise sector and help tackle social issues, for both people and the planet.

To help change the world through Social Enterprises, we must first learn about them…

Our course instructor Kimberley is really passionate about Social Enterprise. She first came to truly appreciate this innovative business model whilst working for Aston Villa Football Club in their Marketing and Communications department. Kimberley was asked to work with the Premier League Charitable Trust to deliver a Social Enterprise programme to a number of high schools in the UK. While in this role, Kimberley was accredited by the Real Ideas Organisation as a Social Enterprise mentor, and she learnt so much about the power Social Enterprises can have in their local community, and even on a national and international scale.

In addition to teaching Social Enterprise to 14-15 year olds in the classroom, Kimberley has also taught Social Enterprise to young children of 9-10 years old and has been a guest lecturer for the University of Birmingham (UK). The Social Enterprise programme can be adapted to suit all ages.

Since December 2015, Kimberley has taught Social Enterprise online to adults across 30 countries and teaching in a virtual environment has become a true passion.

Kimberley graduated from Aston Business School – Aston University, having successfully completed a degree in BSc. (Hons) Business and Management and has also studied Social Entrepreneurship through the University of Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education.

Kimberley has also had a wealth of experience working in business, education and entrepreneurship environments.

Her career background includes working for the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education, the UK Government’s Department for Education and also a number of roles in the recruitment, finance and public relations industries.

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