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There are many industries that exploit people and the planet for excessive profit - a Social Enterprise is different. Social Enterprises are powerful. They use business as a tool for social good. They make a profit and help to create a fairer society. At the heart of a Social Enterprise is a social mission; its purpose and dedication to tackle a social issue. This video gives a brief insight.

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A Social Enterprise is a business that makes a profit and helps the world’s biggest social issues at the same time.

Want to make a real difference?

The positive impact Social Enterprises can have in the world will grow in strength through YOU.

The more you learn about them, create them, shop with them, work with them and invest in them. Join the Social Enterprise movement.

Global Goals

In our course you will learn about how the United Nations Global Goals for a better world by 2030, connects with Social Issues.


Our course is available on Udemy which is a reputable online learning platform. Click on the Learn page to find out more.

Social Issues

We will teach you what a Social Issue is, exploring different types and connecting them with building a sustainable and profitable business model.

Key Business Principles

Social Enterprises need to generate a profit to survive. Key Business Principals such as Marketing and Communications, Measuring Impact and the SWOT analysis are all covered.

The Difference

Social Enterprise. Charity. Business. We explain the differences and discuss similarities, using real examples, to help make learning clear and relatable.

Fairer Society

Social Enterprises are the most powerful way to create fairer societies across the world. People. Planet. Profit. The opportunity for real change is now.

Use coupon code: FEBRUARY2022 for 65% off – lifetime access for £13.99 (usual price £39.99)


Students across every continent in the world are enrolled on our course, from over 40 countries.

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Jump in and join the Social Enterprise Revolution.

The World needs innovative, compassionate and creative entrepreneurs with a vision to help bring solutions to social issues.

There is no profit to be made on a dying planet.

% of the UK small business population are social enterprises
Social Enterprises exist in Australia
People are employed by Social Enterprises in Scotland
% of Social Enterprises are led by women in India

The Social Enterprise Revolution: a Global Movement

Connecting an International Sector

Bringing together Social Enterprises from all across the world.


With Social Enterprise is a platform dedicated to connecting Social Enterprises around the world. Our mission is to create a truly international Social Enterprise sector.


Education is the key to create the fairer world we want to live in and we are determined to teach as many people as possible, from all backgrounds and in all corners of the world.


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Social Enterprise is when entrepreneurship problem solves and has impact at scale

Our Blog

We are here to tell the stories of Social Enterprises from across the world, sharing their voice and aspirations for the future, for a better world. Our blog also brings you research on a range of social issues, as well as sharing resources for you to learn more.

Earth Day 2020

Today on Wednesday 22 April 2020 it is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an international recognition of the celebration of our beautiful planet. Where it all began The concept of Earth day originated from an oil spillage in February …

Student Profile – Social Entrepreneur Zoe Wiggins

In our previous blog post we explained what makes a social entrepreneur different to a more traditional business entrepreneur. For this blog, we now want to introduce you to a social entrepreneur we are very proud of – our very …

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are innovative entrepreneurs who strive to bring positive and impactful change. The world needs these compassionate and creative entrepreneurs with a vision to help people and the planet. In this blog you will discover the difference between a …

Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Earth

Today marks Mother’s Day in the UK. The impact of Covid-19 has ensured that many people will not be able to celebrate their mother’s, mother-figures and loved ones. In a short space of time, Covid-19 has brought the world to …

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! This marks an important recognition of the value that women bring to the world. While we feel that women, as with men, should be valued for their contribution everyday of the year, history has shown us …

Plastic in Fashion – The Hanger

In recent years the Fashion Industry has been exposed for the damage it has caused the environment, but there is one product that often gets overlooked – the plastic hanger. As many as 10 billion new plastic hangers are manufactured …

What is Plastic?

The continuing production and use of single-use plastics is not sustainable for our planet. Our previous blog post Plastic Waste under Sea explained the dangers of plastic waste in our ocean, which effects our marine animals, as well as releasing …

Plastic Waste under Sea

It is understandable why so many of us feel overwhelmed when talking about the plastics crisis. Even after watching many documentaries and reading lots of articles on the subject, it is still so shocking to absorb the scale of this …

Social Enterprise in current times

It brings us great joy to publish this blog since our last post on 10 Shocking Facts about the Fashion Industry. We have most definitely missed writing our blogs, but we have been using our time away to make lots …

Social Issue: 10 Shocking Facts about the Fashion Industry

These facts give a slight insight into the dark side of the fashion industry.   1. Toxic Air The fashion industry causes 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Producing more emissions than all international flights and shipping combined.  (World Economic …

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We are excited to give our blog readers 70% off the ‘How to Build a Social Enterprise‘ online course. For the exclusive discount use coupon code: FEB-70 at the checkout. Click here to access the course page which is available …

5 Inspiring TED Talks on Social Entrepreneurship

TED talks are about ‘ideas worth spreading’ and this blog post brings you 5 TED videos on social entrepreneurship. Our list includes talks from social entrepreneurs from Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as key figures in business such as …

Rough sleeping in England and defining homelessness

The UK government published on 31 January 2019 a very disturbing statistic, that rough sleeping in England has increased by 165% since 2010. This shocking figure comes from a report that provides information on a single night snapshot of rough …

Social Impact with Fashion

Recently there have been many reports about the dangerous side of the fashion industry. The environmental impact of fast fashion and poor working conditions in textile factories have caught the world’s attention. With the light now exposed on the dark-side …

The Social Enterprise Business Model

In this blog we will briefly talk about what makes the social enterprise business model a powerful tool for change. Social enterprises help to create a fairer society whilst being profitable. We call it business with purpose. This is the …

Have a Social Enterprise? Tell your story on our blog

We want your social impact to grow. If you have a Social Enterprise, let us spread the word. It’s no secret that growing a business can be hard work and if you are seeking more customers, or even suppliers in the …

The Plastic Wet Wipe – Part 2

Part 2 of this blog will talk about how the Social Enterprise model can help solve the issue of the plastic wet wipe. A market opportunity As explored in our course, Social Enterprises combine the triple bottom line, or commonly …

The Plastic Wet Wipe – Part 1

In our previous blog post we talked about how more people will come together this year to help tackle the social issue of the Plastics crisis. The Plastics crisis is spiralling out of control, as plastic is present in so …

2019: The World’s Biggest Year for Social Impact

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first blog post for With Social Enterprise. We are excited for the year ahead and believe that 2019 will be the biggest year for social impact, as the international social enterprise sector continues to …

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Strengthening the Social Enterprise sector is a huge opportunity to help people and protect our planet. Social Enterprises allow us to use business for the power of good, to see real change in a creative and sustainable way.

Join the movement. Learn about Social Enterprises. Get started to find out more

Use coupon code: FEBRUARY2022 for 65% off – lifetime access for £13.99 (usual price £39.99)

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